Food Delivery Solutions
We offer professional Food Delivery Solutions' development and deployment in Haïti
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Food Delivery Solutions
We offer professional Food Delivery Solutions' development and deployment in Haïti

Food Delivery Solutions

The food delivery solution is a complete solution for food ordering or delivery business with intelligent order management system. The solution comprises of apps for customers, restaurants, delivery boys, and an admin panel for the business owner(s). The apps are for both iOS and Android platforms. The solution is robust, secured and scalable for any business volume.

Food Delivery Solutions' Features

Browser and Restaurant

Viewing of nearby restaurants based on current GPS location or by providing any other location

Searching of restaurants or dishes

Search restaurants or dishes by name or cuisine

Filter restaurants

Restaurants can be filtered by cuisine, average costing, offers, only vegetarian, popularity etc

Menus and Dishes

View menu items offered by restaurants with picture, name and price

geek digital restaurant application browser and booking
ordering feature for chat app

Easy ordering

Select dishes to order, set the required quantity, select or set delivery address and make payment. Just that simple

Order tracking

Tracking of order status in realtime including current location of delivery personnel. Additionally the admin can view location of all delivery personnel with their status

Easy payment methods

Saving of cards for quick checkout. Automated payment on checkout saving the hassle of manually typing in card details everytime

Rating and reviews

Customers can rate and review restaurants and delivery experience. The delivery executives can rate the delivery experience

View orders

Restaurants can view the orders and their details through app. Admin can also view all orders or filter by restaurant or customer name

Order status

Restaurant can mark an order as handed over to the assigned delivery personnel. Delivery personnel mark orders as picked up or delivered

Auto assigning of delivery personnel

The nearest available delivery personnel is found through GPS tracking and order is automatically assigned

Delivery details

Delivery personnel can view the pickup and drop location of orders assigned

ordering feature for chat app
order tracking for chat app

Realtime Navigation

Realtime navigation for both pickup and destination with optimum routing

Call or message

In-app calling and messaging for privacy, real phone number will not be disclosed

Order history and repeat order

See the order history and repeat any previous order

Push notifications

Push notifications on new orders, order assigned, delivered, new promotions

View sales

Both the admin and restaurant can view total sales of day, month or any given period

Easy and fast registration

Easy and fast registration system. Admins can view the details of restaurants and delivery personals before approving them

Manage Menus

Restaurants can manage their menus and dishes themselves easily through app and web based management panel

Promotional emails and SMS

Restaurants and admin can send promotional emails and SMS

registration feature chat app
management sections for admins chat app

Management sections for Admins

Admins can view and manage customers, restaurants and delivery executives

Content management system

CMS for managing website contents, privacy policy and terms and conditions

Support and feedback system

Support and feedback system for restaurants, delivery executives and customers. Admin can view and respond to support requests from admin panel

Promo Codes

Create promo codes for rewarding loyal customers or for promotions

user admin panel chat app geek

User Friendly Admin

Intuitive and easy to use admin panel for managing customers, restaurants, issue resolution and also for viewing various reports and statistics.

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