Social Media Solutions
We offer Professional Social Media Solutions' Development and Deployment Services in Haïti
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Social Media Solutions
We offer Professional Social Media Solutions' Development and Deployment Services in Haïti

Social Media Solutions

It goes without saying that Social media is very popular in today’s world. A social media app or website opens up the possibility to meet and socialize with people all over the world right from a phone or computer. Now it also is a medium for keeping updated and finding jobs. For businesses it is a new platform for promotions and advertisements and reaching out to existing or potential customers.

The social media solution has all the required functions of any social media website or app including chat. Additionally there are various modules available to enhance or modify the application as per requirement. The solution comprises of mobile apps, website and admin portal for managing the system, and viewing various reports.

Social medias are of two types mainly – general and niche. We have solutions for both the types.

Our Social Media Solutions' Features

Wall of posts and activities

Wall displaying all posts and activities of self and friends. Selecting a friend will show the posts and activities of the friend only

Post or share

Posting or sharing photos, videos, links, status etc with friends

Like and comment

Like and comments on posts or share on wall. Like count and latest comments displayed on wall

Tag friends

Tagging of friends in posts, shares or comments

Social Media Solution wall of posts and activities
Social Media face recognition and tag suggestions

Face recognition and tag suggestions

Auto detection of faces in uploaded photos and tag suggestions (Amazon API)

Hash tags

Option for putting hash tags in posts for easy finding by others

Chat with friends

Text chat with voice and video calling available. Make one to one calls or group calls

Friend list

Send friend requests, accept friend request, manage friends

Photo and Video gallery

Uploading of photos and videos with caption. Gallery creation and organizing of photos and videos

Block or Report

Option to block someone or report a post


Push notifications and emails on new posts or shares, new friend requests, new comments. SMS notifications is also available

Find friends

Searching for friends or acquaintances

Social Media photo and video gallery
event organizer app


Creation and sharing of events. Send invitation to friends. Invitees can respond


Create groups to post and share posts and ideas on specific topics or items. Invite friends and join other groups

Profile visitors

Find who visited and viewed the profile

Privacy settings and profile hiding

Posts and shares can be set to various privacy levels allowing public, friends or friends of friends to view. Profile can also be hidden from search results

Send virtual gifts

Virtual gifts can be sent to others. Gifts can be categorized based on occasions or event

Auto translation of texts (Microsoft API)

Texts in different languages can be auto translated to the default language set in the profile

Auto content moderation

Moderation of explicit photos or photos containing gore and violence – Google’s Cloud Vision API or Computer Vision API from Microsoft, abusive or explicit words - Text Analytics API from Microsoft

Options for Ads

Option to put up ads on the site. Admin can put up ads through the admin panel and will be displayed on the site

social media gift features
social media friend suggestion

Friend suggestion

Automatic suggestion of friends using AI algorithms

User management with ban

List and details of users with option to ban or block someone

Content management system (CMS)

Manage contents of pages like About, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy

social media app admin panel

User Friendly Admin

Web based admin with easy and intuitive UI. Various reports and statistics are available for the business owner to get insights.

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